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Introduction :
  • About the Course
  • Introduction to Docker
  • Why Docker?
  • Overview of Certification
  • Npm, node.js, yarn into
  • Hands on Lab/quizes/QA
Understanding Docker :
  • Understanding the Docker
  • Docker Architecture-Engine And Objects
  • Docker Architecture-InAction
  • Docker Architecture - Container Format
  • Images And Containers
  • Containerization And Virtualization
  • Docker Components
  • Docker Desktop
  • Docker Objects
  • Hands on Lab/quizes/QA
Hands On Docker:
  • Docker Installation in Mac, windows, Linux
  • Deploy Login Exit Container
  • Start Stop Restart Containers
  • Containers on File system
  • Containers Names Hostnames
  • Multiple Containers
  • Stats Inspect
  • Deleting Containers
  • Hand on labs for conatiner creation and management
  • Hands on Lab/quizes/QA
Docker Images:
  • Docker Images
  • Docker Images CLI Commands
  • Search And Pull ImagesFrom DockerHub
  • Build Image using Dockerfile
  • Build Image using Commit
  • Push Images Docker Hub
  • Dockerfile Instructions
  • Hands on Lab with a Node.js Project
  • Hands on Lab/quizes/QA
Docker Networking :
  • Docker Networking
  • Container Networking
  • Bridge Network
  • Host Network
  • None Network
  • Disconnect And Add Network
  • Intoduction To Overlay Network
  • Create New Network
  • Remove Networks
  • Multiple Networks In Containers
  • Hands on Lab/quizes/QA
Docker Storage and Volume :
  • Docker Storage And Volumes
  • Docker Storage Drivers
  • Selecting Storage Drivers
  • Persistent Storage
  • Manage Application Data
  • Docker Volume
  • Docker BindMounts
  • Docker tmpfs Mounts
  • External Storage
  • Hands on Lab/quizes/QA
Docker Compose :
  • Docker Compose
  • Case for Docker Compose
  • Compose Installation
  • Compose Lab
  • Define services in a Compose file
  • Build and run your app with Compose
  • Sample apps with Compose
  • Hands on Lab/quizes/QA
Orchestration (Docker Swarm) :
  • Docker Swarm
  • Concepts of Swarm
  • Create Swarm
  • Maintain Swarm
  • Services In Swarm
  • Updates to Services
  • Managing Swarm Services
  • Secrets and Overlay Networks
  • Hands on Lab/quizes/QA
Docker Trusted Registry :
  • Docker Trusted Registry
  • Introduction to Deploy DTR
  • Backup Process for the Swarm_UCP and DTR
  • Misc Topics with DTR
  • Hands on Lab/quizes/QA
  • Docker Security Logs
  • Security Scanning
  • Docker Content Trust
  • Security With MTLS
  • Logs and Logging Drivers
  • Hands on Lab/quizes/QA
Container Orchestration through Kubernetes :
  • Kubernetes Cluster & Components
  • Kubernetes Objects - Pods
  • Kubernetes Objects - Namespaces and Name
  • Labels, Selectors and Annotations
  • ReplicaSets and Deployments
  • Networking configuration on Kubernetes cluster
  • Kubernetes Persistent Storage
  • Hands on Lab/quizes/QA
  • Bonus?


Executive Program in Docker


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Docker and why is it used for ?

Docker is one of the important and widely used tools in the DevOps pipeline. It helps creating, deploying, and running applications easier by using containers.

Why learn Dockers ?

Docker is a tool that developers use to build, manage, and distribute containers. Docker is one of the most learnt after skills among the various tools in the DevOps toolchain, getting a salary of $100K+ in the United States. Top MNC'S , including Adobe, SAP, VMware, and IBM, use Docker in their DevOps methodologies.

What are career opportunities for Docker Certified Associate ?

After learning Docker, you can change to a career in DevOps. Docker is one of the important tool in the DevOps pipeline. Job roles for individuals with Docker certification are:

  • DevOps engineer
  • DevOps consultant
  • Release manager
  • DevOps architect

What next after the Docker Certification completion?

Once you are through with this Docker training, on completion of the Docker Certified Associate (DCA) Exam, you can consider taking up the Post Graduate Program in DevOps that can fast track your career growth in the field of DevOps.

What is the salary expected on completion of this Docker Certification?

According to Payscale, a DevOps engineer with Docker skills gets an average salary of Rs.847K in India and $110K in the United States. After completing the DCA certification, there is no reason why you can’t achieve even higher.

Will this Docker course help my career growth?

DevOps is a most promising career option these days. Among the various tools used and implemented in DevOps, Docker is the most popular tool used by companies worldwide. Skills in Docker will make you more employable and you’ll stay ahead of your competitors.

What are the pre requirements for taking up this Docker online training?

Familiarity in Linux operating system is all you need to get start with this Docker training program.

Which are the companies hiring for Docker Certified Associate?

Siemens, TCS, SAP Labs, Cisco Systems, and Directi these are some of the top companies that hire for different roles that require Docker skills. Becoming a Docker-Certified Associate through this Docker course helps you to improve your chances of getting hired.

Why are Dockers so important?

Developers need to work with variety of languages, architectures, and frameworks apart from just writing code to develop applications now a days. The discontinuous interface between tools for each lifecycle stage creates high difficulty. Docker is a that tool helps to simplify and accelerates the workflow by giving developers the chance to choose the tools, deployment environments, and application stacks for their projects.

How long will it take to learn Docker?

If you are passionate and interested about learning Docker, it would take you around 3 months to become familiar with its all features and concepts.

Which companies make use of Docker skills?

  • Adobe
  • AT&T
  • Netflix
  • PayPal
  • Splunk
  • Verizon

What are the benefits of learning Docker Course?

Container technology has garnered a lot of momentum these days. Running applications on Docker offers performance and portability benefits that make the development process more responsive . Containers have much smaller footprints compared to virtual machines and faster to create and start quickly. So, it makes sense to learn Docker Course.

What is the best online tutorial for Docker certification course?

A number of online tutorials are available that can teach the basics of Docker. However, we recommend that you enroll in Vepsun’s Docker Certified Associate course training as it covers a cutting-edge curriculum designed by experts in industry. Apart from theoretical knowledge, there are integrated labs to help you gain practical knowledge

Is Docker programming language?

Docker is actually a software framework used to run, build, and maintain containers on servers and the cloud. The language which is used for writing Docker files is the Go programming language.

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