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About Virtualization :
  • Virtualization Basics
  • About Hypervisor and Different Types of Hypervisor
  • VMware History and VMware Products
  • VMware Hardware limitations
  • Datacenter virtualization
Virtualized Datacenter :
  • Introduce Components of Virtualized Datacenter
  • Install and Use vSphere Client
Virtual Machines :
  • Virtual Machine Hardware
  • Virtual Machine Files
  • Creating Virtual Machines
  • Deploying Windows and Linux Machines
VMware vCenter Server :
  • vCenter Server Architecture
  • vCenter Server Single Sign-on
  • Install and Use Web Sphere Client
  • vCenter Appliance
  • Configure ESXI Lock Down
Networking :
  • Create and Manage Standard Switch
  • Modify Standard Switch Properties
  • Virtual Switch Load Balancing Algorithms
Storage :
  • Introduction to Storage Protocols
  • Configure ESXi with ISCSI, NFS and Fiber SAN
  • Create and Manage vSphere Data stores
  • Introduction to vSAN, VSA
Virtual Machine Management :
  • Use Templates and Cloning to Deploy Virtual Machines
  • Modify and Manage Virtual Machines
  • Create and Manage Virtual Machines Snapshots
  • Perform Host vMotion and Storage vMotion
  • Deploying VAPP
High Availability and Fault Tolerance :
  • vSphere High Availability Architecture
  • Configure and Manage HA Cluster
  • Introduce VSphere Fault Tolerance
  • Work with Affinity and Anti-Affinity Rules
  • vSphere DRS cluster
  • Enhance vMotion Compatibility
Course Introduction :
  • Introductions and course logistics
  • Course outline
  • Course goals
  • Course objectives
Architecture and Components :
  • Identify the benefits of the software-defined data center
  • Explore the architecture for deploying vCloud Automation
  • Identify the components of vCloud Automation Center
  • Identify vCloud Automation Center design options
  • Define network ports and protocols
  • Define the user interface elements of vCloud Automation Center
  • Explain how vCloud Automation Center integrates with other VMware products
Installation :
  • Explain the vCloud Automation Center installation Prerequisites
  • Identify the vCloud Automation Center appliances and component installers
  • Define the vCloud Automation Center installation procedure
Configuring IaaS :
  • Define relationships between vCloud Automation Center Entities
  • Identify and configure vCloud Automation Center endpoints
  • Identity how vCloud Automation Center discovers compute Resources
  • Virtual printing with view clients Define the vCloud Automation Center roles
  • Identify fabric groups, business groups, and reservations
  • Create tenants
  • Create and manage reservations for compute resources
Blueprints and Catalog Services :
  • Create and manage single-machine and multimachine Blueprints
  • Manage service catalog items with entitlements and approval Policies
Provisioning Services :
  • Provision new machines and services
  • Manage self-provisioned machines
  • Create approval policies
  • Identify approval policy levels and approval phases
  • Use custom properties
  • Use build profiles
  • Use the property dictionary
Extensibility :
  • Identify extensibility and customization options
  • Use vCloud Automation Designer to edit an existing workflow
  • Use vCenter Orchestrator
  • Configure plug-ins for external integration
  • Use Advanced Service Designer
Monitoring and Reclamation :
  • Identify and verify inactive and abandoned resources
  • Manage machine leases
  • Manage machine reclamation
Operational Management :
  • Configure VMware® IT Business Management Suite™ Standard Edition
  • Report financial data for a cloud infrastructure
  • Troubleshoot common ITBM problems
Managing Applications :
  • Define the role of vCloud Application Director
  • Identify the vCloud Application Director infrastructure components and requirements
  • Deploy and manage vCloud Application Director
  • Configure application provisioning
  • Create, manage, and update applications
  • Manage catalog services


Executive Program in VMware 6.0 + vReliaze Automation center


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