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12 Months

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June 20, 2021

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This Post Graduate Program is designed for graduates in any discipline and experienced professionals from programming and non-programming backgrounds. The program is based on an Applied Learning approach that uses a combination of self-paced videos, live virtual classes, hands-on projects, and labs.Students also have access to mentorship sessions, providing a high-engagement learning experience and real-world applications to help master essential Blockchain skills. At the end of this program, learners will understand the main principles of Blockchain and how they are implemented in Financial Services, Governance, Intellectual Property Rights (IPR).

Certified by Berlin International University, with industry partner Vepsun, this immersive, guaranteed placement*. The program is taught by the best minds in the industry where students get hands-on learning experience in Blockchain labs that are equipped with the latest analytics software & applications.



  • Students from 73 nations are studying at Berlin International University of Applied Sciences. Berlin International is part of a global network that allows students to travel and pursue their studies in different locations.
  • Berlin International facts
    • 85 different nationalities are studying and teaching at Berlin International
    • 68% of our students are international and from four continents
    • 84% of our teaching staff have studied or worked at international universities
    • 100% personal contact to Professors and Lecturers
  • BAU Global Network. BAU Global operates at 3 continents in 7 countries and includes 5 universities - Istanbul, Washington, DC, Berlin, Cyprus and Batumi, 2 language schools and 5 academic centers.
  • These students come from about 60, our lecturers from 15 different countries.
  • The BAU university was founded in 2014 and is already one of the top universities in Germany.
  • Over 1000 corporate collaborations in Germany, including Allianz, AOK, Bertelsmann, BP, Deutsche Telekom, Ford, IBM, City of Munich, Peek & Cloppenburg Vienna, Siemens, thyssenkrupp.


The fast pace of innovation and business today requests a learning approach that fits the necessities of both the individual and the organization. We built a learning system to reflect that need. Adapting today requires a guided methodology through the intricate number of formal and casual learning alternatives. It requires a methodology that envelops the top learning techniques utilized today and adjusts them to help hierarchical results.

Our learning ecosystem is designed to support how learning is done today and evolves to meet advances in technology and individual learning needs. Integrating the world’s largest collection of proprietary and IT partner content, resources, and expertise with a global instructor pool of more than 300 real-world experts, Vepsun Technologies delivers custom learning to global organizations no matter where their workforce is located to drive quantifiable results.

  • Designed for Working Professionals/Students
  • Instructor-led Sessions
  • Dedicated Student Success Manager
  • Real-life Case Studies
  • Lifetime Access
  • 1-on-1 Industry Mentor
  • Career Assist
  • Assignments
  • Certification


S1: Programming Languages: (60 Hours)

At least two of Java, C++, Go-Lang, JavaScript, Python, Solidity (Smart Contracts), Node JS, Serpent,Scala, Angular JS, RESTful APIs

S2: Blockchain Platforms: (40 Hours)

Knowledge of the structure and mechanism of at least one of the platforms - Ethereum, Hyperledger,Multi-chain

S3: Consensus Methodologies: (40 Hours)

Good understanding of consensus algorithms - PoW, PoS, DPoS, PoET

S4: Distributed Ledger Technologies (40 Hours)

Experience and ability to work on some combination of DLT related technologies - Hyperledger Fabric,Go, Composer, True, web3.js, Geth, Corda, NEO

S5: Cloud Infrastructure and DevOps: (40 Hours)

Experience with containerization (Docker) and cloud-based computing (AWS, Bluemix, Azure, CloudFoundry)

S6: Cryptography and Data Security: (40 Hours)

Hands-on experience in implementing cryptography, asymmetric, symmetric, hash functions, encryption,decryption, signatures

S7: Database and Source Code Management Tools: (40 Hours)

Working knowledge on distributed, centralized, decentralized database, MongoDB, couchDB, SQL, GIT repositories, Apache Kaa, Apache Zookeeper, etc.

S8: Product/Program Management: (40 Hours)

Strong understanding of blockchain technology and system architecture. Experience in developing technology roadmap and strategy aligned to market trends. Able to contribute in Architecture, Design and implementation of Blockchain environments.

S9: Business Analysis: (40 Hours)

Understanding Blockchain applicability trends to dierent areas of business and developing Proof-of-Concepts (POCs). Ability to communicate complex Blockchain driven solutions across the company, and to coach the team in connecting problem-solving using Blockchain for process enhancement with product development.

S10: Delivery methodologies: (40 Hours)

Able to identify the best and eective mode of delivery. Experience delivering projects using Waterfall,Agile, Scrum methodology.

S11: Project Management: (40 Hours)

Well versed in any of the project management tools like Jira, Trello, Wrike, MS Project, etc. Planned,executed and delivered projects with eective resource coordination and management.

S12: Stakeholder Management: (40 Hours)

Creates positive relationships with stakeholders through the appropriate management of their expectations and agreed objectives, compromise across a set of stakeholders' diverging priorities

S13: Blockchain Technology Certification (180 Hours)

Overview of Blockchain
  • What is Blockchain?
  • History of Blockchain
  • Network and Protocols
  • Fundamentals of Cryptography
  • Structure of a Block
  • Blockchain transaction process
  • Blockchain Application Components
  • Blockchain Application Templates
  • What is Bitcoin?
  • Uses of Bitcoin
  • Bitcoin Wallets Assisted Practice: Bitcoin wallet
  • How to buy and sell Bitcoins?
  • How to store and spend Bitcoins?
  • Bitcoin Scripts
  • Bitcoin Network
  • Bitcoin Block Mining
  • Lesson-end Project
    • Generate a Bitcoin wallet
    • Work with BitPay wallet
  • What is Ethereum?
  • Ethereum Virtual Machine
  • Ethereum Languages
  • Gas and Ether
  • Ethereum Accounts
  • Externally Owned Accounts
  • Smart Contracts
  • State Storage
  • Ethereum Mining
  • Ethereum tools
Deploying Smart contracts on Private Ethereum Network
  • Setting up private block chain using Ethereum
  • Stages of contract deployment
  • Learn Solidity
  • Compiling and deploying contracts
  • Smart Contract Design Patterns
  • Assisted Practice: Solidity Smart Contract to deploy property transfer system
  • Unassisted Practice: Decentralized Marketplace application
Hyper ledger
  • Overview of Hyper Ledger
  • Credits exchange using Saw tooth Assisted Practice: Set up Iroha network
  • Hyper Ledger Architecture
  • Introduction to Permissioned Blockchain
  • Consensus model for Permissioned Blockchains
  • Consensus and its Interaction with Architectural
  • Application Programming Interface
  • Network Topology
Hyper Ledger Fabric
  • Hyper Ledger Fabric Model
  • Issues in Hyper Ledger Fabric
  • Set up a Development Environment using Hyper Ledger Composer
  • Developing Business Networks
  • Testing Business Networks
  • Assisted Practice: Create, Deploy, and Test a Business Network
  • Unassisted Practice: Deploy a car Auction Business Network
Blockchain on Multichain
  • Introduction to Multichain
  • Privacy and Permissions in Multichain
  • Features of Assets in Multichain
  • Multichain Streams
  • Mining in Multichain
  • Interactive mode commands
  • Round Robin Mining
  • Assisted Practice: Perform Mining in Multichain
  • Unassisted Practice: Stock Exchange on the Multichain Platform
  • Create Private Multichain Blockchain
Block chain Prospects
  • Do you need Blockchain?
  • Challenges in Blockchain
  • Identifying a Blockchain use case
  • Blockchain in Government Organizations
  • Blockchain in Finance
  • Domain Specific Blockchain Application
  • Blockchain in Healthcare and Hospitality
  • Blockchain in the Entertainment Industry
  • Blockchain in Cyber Security
  • Blockchain in the Capital Market


Executive Program in Blockchain Technology Certified by Blockchain Training Alliance


Certification by BTA


Certification by Vepsun


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Platforms Covered



Solidity is an object-oriented programming language for writing smart contracts.



HyperLedger is an umbrella project of open source blockchains and related tools.


HyperLedger Fabric

HyperLedger Fabric is intended as a foundation for developing applications.



Ethereum is the second largest cryptocurrency platform by market capitalization, behind Bitcoin.

Program Fee


INR. 2,50,000*

* Inclusive of all Taxes + gst

  • Training
  • Single Certification
  • Online - live Classes
  • No Cost EMI Available

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Note: *The processing fee (1% of the full loan amount) will have to be paid by the student, and the applicant must earn more than Rs. 15,000 per month in order to avail the loan.

Documents required for the EMI Process

Documents Description
Photo Photo Scanned or Taken by Phone
Pan Scanned or Photo
Address Proof ( Any 2) Aadhar/ Voter ID/ Passport/ DL/ Water Bill/ Piped Gas Bill/ Electricity/ Rent Agreement Franked
NACH ( Any 1) Canceled Cheque/ Bank Statement First Page/ Passbook first page
Bank statements ( Any 1) Salaried - (3 Months), Self Employed (6 months)
Income Proof (Any1) Salaried - Latest Salary Slip, Self Employed - Company Incorporation proof / ITR

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a blockchain?

The blockchain ledger helps to provide transparency for transactions. Although many bitcoin transactions are in some ways anonymous, the blockchain ledger can link individuals and companies to bitcoin purchases and ownership by allowing individual parties, called miners, to process payments and verify transactions.

What is blockchain software?

Blockchain software is like any other software. The first of its kind was Bitcoin, which was released as open source software, making it available to anyone to use or change. There are a wide variety of efforts across the blockchain ecosystem to improve upon Bitcoin’s original software. Ethereum has its own open source blockchain software. Some blockchain software is proprietary and not available to the public.

What is a blockchain database?

Historically, databases have incorporated a centralized client-server architecture, in which a sole authority controls the central server. This design means that data security, alteration, and deletion rests with a single point of failure. The decentralized architecture of blockchain databases emerged as a solution for many of the weaknesses of centralized database architecture. A blockchain network consists of a large number of distributed nodes––voluntary participants who must reach consensus and maintain a single transactional record together.

What are the benefits of blockchain technology?

Blockchain technology has a wide variety of benefits, for both global enterprises and local communities. The most commonly cited benefits of a blockchain are trusted data coordination, attack-resistance, shared IT infrastructure, tokenization, and built-in incentivization.

What is a blockchain company?

A blockchain company is simply a company that is invested in and/or developing blockchain technology. State of the Dapps ranks blockchain-based decentralized applications by user activity and Forbes recently released a report covering the top 50 billion-dollar companies exploring blockchain.

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