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Introduction to UNIX, Basic UNIX Commands :
  • OS Origin, History, Versions, Features
Structure of UNIX Commands :
  • Architecture, File System, Logging in
Process Scheduling :
  • Background processes, killing a process
Introduction to AIX Administration :
  • SMIT menu, Web based system manager, HMC
AIX software Installation :
  • Packaging definition, bundles, Software Updates, Software States.
  • Software Installation and Maintenance
  • Fix Central Web site, lslpp & instfix command
  • AIX OS Installation
System Startup and Shutdown :
  • Startup modes
  • Introduction to startup process
  • Bootinfo and alog commands, inittab
  • System Resource Controller (SRC)
  • System shutdown
User & Group Administration :
  • User initialization process
  • List all users, Add / change / Show / Remove user from AIX
  • Password management - Regaining root's password
  • List all groups, Add / Change / Show / Remove group from AIX
  • System security files
Device Management :
  • Device Terminology
  • Supported Devices
  • Device States, Self Configuring, Device States
  • Listing Devices, Documenting Hardware configuration
System Storage and Logical Volume Manager (LVM) :
  • LVM Components, Logical Volume Manager
  • VGDA, Volume groups - Adding & changing, Extending/Reducing, Activating/Deactivation, Export/Import, Logical Volume
  • Logical Storage, RAID, Mirroring & Quorum, Scheduling policies
  • Mirror-write consistency, striping, LV policies Add / Remove / Show
  • Set LVs and using SMIT, Physical Volumes - List, Add/Move content, Disk Replacement, Alt Disk Installation
File system Administration :
  • Structure of JFS / in code
  • FS Fragmentation
  • Compressed FS, Journal log, JFS Vs JFS2, List / Add/ 10 Change / Show / Delete FS, mounting, increasing and shrinking, Add RAM file system
  • Paging Space - Add / Change / Remove, Disk Free space, Control Growing files, Disk Usage
  • Fragmentation
Performance Management :
  • Performance Analysis, topaz, vmstat, sar, tprof, svmon, nmon, iostat, filem Ok
Object Data Manager (ODM) :
  • ODM Components, DB files
  • Device Configuration and config Manager
  • ODM Commands
System Initialization :
  • Boot Process
  • BLV, Boot List, SMS, Service processor
  • Working in Maintenance Mode
  • LED codes, Location Codes, Firmware, System Start up
  • cfgmgr, inittab
  • Resource Monitoring and Control (RMC)
Syslog and Error log :
  • Error logging, erupt command
  • syslogd daemon and configuration
Diagnostics and System Dump :
  • Diagnostic objective, working with diag command and with various modes
  • System dumps, systemdumpdev command
  • Dedicated dump device, dump size, dump check utility, snap
Security Administration :
  • File permission and owner ship
  • Access Control List (ACL)
  • Trojan Horse, security logs, SUID, SGID, Sticky bit, umask, motd , security files
  • Trusted Base Computing (TCB)
Automated Tasks :
  • Corn, at and Batch
Backup and Restore :
  • Types of backup
  • Strategy, Devices, Backup & Restore rootvg, mksysb, backup and restore other VGs
  • Other UNIX backup commands - tar, cpio, dd
Network File System :
  • NFS services, Planning, installation, and configuration of NFS
  • Exporting NFS directories, Unexporting an NFS directory
  • Mounting an NFS directory
  • Administration of NFS servers and clients, NFS files
  • Commands and daemons reference


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