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Module I: Introduction to Big Data and Ecosystem :
  • Data Types, Distributed / Parallel Processing Concepts.
  • Big Data Characteristics,Challenges with Traditional Systems.
  • Solution Types, Distributions & Specialties, Challenges & Complexity & Use Cases.
Module II: HDFS, Hadoop Architecture & YARN :
  • HDFS Components, Fault Tolerance, Horizontal Scaling, Block Size, Replication Factor, Daemons, HA, Federation, Quotas.
  • Anatomy of Read / Write & Failure / Recovery on HDFS.
Module III: Environment:
  • State Of The Art Customized CentOS 7.3 VM Designed with plethora of Latest Items for Big Data / ML / Analytics / ETL / DB Development including Scala IDE, Eclipse IDE, VS Code, Anaconda, RStudio & Talend Open Studio.
  • Numerous Data Patterns for Modeling & Real Life Understanding of Dev Problems & Situations.
  • Ensuring All Lab & Participants System Prerequisites are fulfilled for further proceedings.
Module IV: MapReduce :
  • Implementing Custom InputFormats and OutputFormats, Saving Binary Data Using SequenceFile and Avro Data Files, Map-Side / Reduce-Side / Skewed Join, Cartesian Product.
  • Building Inverted Index, Custom Partitioner, Converting Unstructured to Structured Data, Compression Techniques.
  • Scheduling & Coordinating Execution on YARN.


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