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Block chain :
  • What is Block chain
  • Block chain Technology Mechanisms & Networks
  • Block chain Users And Adoption
  • Transactions And Blocks
  • P2P Systems
  • Hash Pointers And Data Structures
  • Block chain Block Structure
Bitcoin :
  • The Bitcoin Mining Process
  • Bitcoin Wallets
  • Alternative Block chains/Altchains
Ethereum :
  • Introduction
  • Interfacing with Ethereum Networks
  • Ethereum Accounts
  • Smart Contracts
  • Contract Structure
  • Function Declarations
  • Wei vs Ether
  • Mnemonic Phrases
  • Getting More Ether
Solidity Programming for Ethereum:
  • Solidity - Language of Smart Contracts
  • Installing Solidity & Ethereum Wallet
  • Basics of Solidity by Example: Subcoin Smart Contract
  • Layout of a Solidity Source File &Structure of Smart Contracts
  • General Value Types (Int, Real, String, Bytes, Arrays, Mapping, Enum, address)
  • Ether Units, Time Units
Ethereum coding for Block chain environment :

  • Globally Available Variables & Functions
  • Operators: Arithmetic, Logical & Bitwise Operators
  • Control Structure (if-else, for, while, Do-While)
  • Scoping and Declarations
  • Input Parameters and Output Parameters
  • Function Calls & Return Types
Contract Deployment for Block chain Environment :

  • Boilerplate Requirements
  • Project File Walkthrough
  • Syntax Highlighters
  • Compiling Solidity
  • The Compile Script
  • Testing Architecture
Advanced Smart Contracts :
  • The Lottery Contract
  • Lottery Design
  • Basic Solidity Types
  • Starting the Lottery Contract
  • The Message Global Variable
  • Overview of Mappings and Structs/li>
  • Big Solidity Gotcha
  • Entering the Lottery
Ethereum Test Environment Setup:
  • Test Project Updates
  • Test Helper Review
  • Asserting Deployment
  • Entering the Lottery
  • Asserting Multiple Players
  • Try-Catch Assertion
Ethereum Application Architecture :
  • Application Overview
  • Getting Started with Create-React-App
  • Multiple Web3 Instances
  • Web3 Setup
Real World Ethereum Projects :
  • Solving Real Problems with Contracts
  • Fixing Kickstarter's Issues
  • Campaign Contract Design
  • Campaign Constructor
  • Contributing to the Campaign
  • The Request Struct
Creating Project Infrastructure for Ethereum :
  • Project Setup
  • Directory Structure
  • Accessing Mappings
  • Testing Warmup
  • Requiring Minimum Contributions
  • Array Getters
Introduction to Hyperledger Fabric using Composer:
  • Hyperledger Fabric & Composer Concepts
  • Hyperledger Fabric : A DLT for Business Applications
  • Hyperledger Fabric : DLT for Business
  • Assets, Chaincode& Ledger
Setting up the Hyperledger Fabric Developer Environment Tools:
  • Linux/Ubuntu & AWS: Setup of Fabric Development on Local & Cloud VM
  • Mac OS: Setup of Fabric Development Environment
  • Windows : Fabric development environment setup


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